January 2000


A - Application (PUC)

- Ampere

- agreggator

- arbitrator

AA - Abalone Alliance

- Alcoholics Anonymous

- Affirmative Action

- Administering Agency

AAA - American Automobile Association

AAC - Automatic Adjustment Clauses

- Additional Achievable Conservation

AAAC - Affirmative Action Advisory Committee

AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAER - Amendments to Appliance Efficiency Regulations

AAMA - American Aluminum Manufacturers Association

AAO - Affirmative Action Office

AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists

AAQS - Ambient Air Quality Standards

AAR - Average Annual Rate

AARs - Additions, Alterations, and Repairs

AB - Assembly Bill

ABA - American Bar Association

ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments

 ABB - (Asea Brown Boveri)

- ABB Power T & D Computer System Control/Division

ABM - Anti-Ballistic Missile

ABMA - American Boiler Manufacturers Association

AC - Alternating Current

- Authority to Construct

(air quality)

- Avoided Cost

- Access Charge

- Arbitration Committee

- Assigned Commissioner

- Average Cost

A/C - Air Conditioning

ACA - Assembly Constitutional Amendment

ACAP - Annual Cost Allocation Proceeding (gas, PUC)

ACC - Assistant Chief Counsel

- Area Control Center

ACDA - U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ACE - Argus Cogeneration Expansion Project

- Area Control Error

ACEC - Area of Critical Environmental Concern

ACEEE - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

ACEIN - Alameda County Energy Information Network

ACF - Actual cubic feet

ACGIH - American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

ACH - Air changes per hour (infiltration measure)

- automatice clearing house

ACHP - Air Conditioning Heat Pumps

ACI - American Concrete Institute

ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union

ACM - Alternative Calculation Method

ACORN - Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

ACP - Air Conservation Program

- Alternative Component Package

ACR - Assembly Concurrent Resolution

ACRA - Applicable Canadian Regulatory Authority

ACRS - Accelerated Cost Recovery System

ACSA - Association of California State Attorneys

ACT - Advanced Combustion Technology

- American Conservatory Theater

ACV - At – Completion Cost Variances

ACWA - Association of California Water Districts

AD - Assessment Division (CEC)

- Accelerated Depreciation

ADA - Average daily attendance

- Americans for Democratic Action

- Americans with Disabilities Act

ADF - Alcohols Demonstration Facility

ADFAC - Administrative Determination of Full Avoided Costs (FERC)

ADI - Acceptable Daily Intake

ADL - Arthur D. Little, Inc.

- Anti Defamation League

ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADT - Average Daily Traffic

AEC - U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, now NRC

AECB - Atomic Energy Control Board (Canada)

AEE - Association of Energy Engineers

AENF - Appliance Enforcement

AEP - Association of Environmental Professionals

AER - Annual Energy Rate

AES - Appliance Efficiency Standards

- Applied Energy Services Inc.

AF - Acre feet (water measure)

afa - Acre feet per acre

AFAC - Application for Amended Certification

AFBC - Atmospheric fluidized-bed combustion

AFBMA - Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers' Assoc.

AFC - Application for certification

AFDC - Aid to Families with Dependent Children

AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor-Council of Industrial Organizations

AFR - Away from reactor storage

AFSC - American Friends Service Committee

AFUDC - Allowance for funds used during construction

AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

AG - Attorney General

- Auditor General

AGC - Automatic Generation Control

AGA - American Gas Association

AGMA - American Gear Manufacturers' Association

AGO - Assembly Governmental Organization Committee

AGPA - Associate Governmental Program Analyst

AHAM - Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

AHM - Acute Hazardous Materials

AI - Actual Imbalance

AIA - American Institute of Architects

AIBD - American Institute of Building Designers

AICHE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AID - Agency for International Development

AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIEE - American Institute of Electrical Engineers

AIF - Atomic Industrial Forum

AIM - American Indian Movement

AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction

AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute

AITC - American Institute of Timber Construction

AJR - Assembly Joint Resolution

ALI - American Law Institute

ALJ - Administrative Law Judge

ALJC - Administrative Law Judges' Council

ALPAC - Advanced Lighting Professional Advisory Committee

AMCA - Air Moving and Conditioning Associates

AMRA - Applicable Mexican Regulatory Authority

ANC - African National Congress

ANGTS - Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (proposed)

ANPP - Arizona Nuclear Power Project (PVNGS)

ANS - Alaskan North Slope

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ANWR - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

AO - Authorized Officer

AOB - Appellant's Opening Brief

AOC - Administrative Order of Consent (EPA)

APA - California Administrative Procedure Act

APC - Accreditation Policy Committee (NFRC)

APCB - Air Pollution Control Board

APCD - Air Pollution Control District

APCO - Air pollution control officer

APEM - Association of Professional Energy Managers

APHA - American Public Health Assoc.

API - American Petroleum Institute

- Application Program Interface

APPA - Arizona Power Pooling Assoc.

- American Public Power Assoc.

APPC - ARCO Petroleum Products Co.

APR - Annual Petroleum Review

APS - Arizona Public Service Company

- American Physical Society

- Automatic Payment Service

APU - Arterial Primary Urban

AQ - Air Quality

AQAP - Air Quality Attainment Plan

AQCR - Air Quality Control Region

AQCS - Air Quality Control System

AQE - Air Quality Engineer

AQMA - Air Quality Maintenance Area

AQMD - Air Quality Management Dist.

AQMP - Air Quality Management Plan

AQRV - Air Quality Related Values

AQS - Air Quality Specialist

ARA - Attrition Rate Adjustment

ARAC - Atmospheric release advisory capability (DOE)

ARB - State Air Resources Board

ARC - American River College

ARCO - Atlantic Richfield Company

AREA - American Railway Engineering Association

ARI - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute

ARM - Aquatic resources monitoring

ARRA - American River Recreation Association

ARRE - Affiliated Regional Reliability Entity

ART - Alternative Resources Taskforce

ARTHCAW - Anderson Springs Residents Taxpayers and Homeowners

for Clean Air and Water

AS - see ASD

A/S - Ancillary Services

ASA - Acoustical Society of America

ASAE - American Society of Architectual Engineers

ASAP - As soon as possible

ASAT - Anti-satellite weapons

ASC - Average system costs

ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCEP - Association of Southern California Energy Program

ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASCSD - Anderson Springs Community Services District

ASD - Administrative Services Division (CEC)

ASE - Alliance to Save Energy

ASGF - Appliance Standards, Gas-Fueled

ASHATO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers

ASLB - Atomic Safety Licensing Board

ASLG - Appliance Standards, Liquified Gas (furnaces)

ASMA - American Steel Manufacturers Association

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASMS - Ancillary Service Management System

ASNT - American Society for Nondestructive Testing

AST - Allocation System Test

- above ground storage tank

ASTM - American Society for Testing & Materials

ASUC - Associated Students of the University of California

ATC - Authority to Construct

- Available Transfer Capability

ATM - Asynchronous Transfer mode

ATO - Administrative time off

ATP - Acceptance Test Procedure

ATSS - Automatic Telecommunication Switching System

ATV - All Terrain Vehicle

AVR - Average Vehicle Ridership

AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control Systems Aircraft

AWEA - American Wind Energy Assoc.

AWOL - Away without official leave

AWS - American Welding Society

- Alternative Work Schedule

AWT - Advanced Wastewater Treatment

AWV or AWVES - Harry Allen-Warner Valley Energy System (Warner Brothers)

AWWA - American Water Works Assoc.


B - Broker

- Buyer

BA - Balancing Account

BAAQMD - Bay Area Air Quality Management District

BACT - Best available control technology

BAEO - Building and Appliance Efficiency Office

BAF - Basic American Foods

BAQ - Bureau of Air Quality

BAR - Bureau of Automotive Repair, DCA

BARCT - Best Available Retrofit Control Technology

BARRF - Bay Area Resource Recovery Facility, also BARRP

BARRP - Bay Area Resource Recovery Project, also BARRF

BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit

- Best available retrofit technology (BARCT)

BASH - Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard

BASO - Building and Appliance Standards Office, Conservation Div. (CEC)

BAT - Best Available Technology

BAU - Business as Usual

BB - Byron Bruce Blevins (former Executive Director, CEC)

bbl - Barrel

bbl/d - Barrels per day

BBS - Balance of Business Systems

- Bulletin Board System

B/C - Benefit/cost

BC - Bilateral Contract

BCA - Berkeley Citizens Action

- Building Code Action

BCAP - Biennial Cost Allocation Proceeding (PUC)

bcc - Blind Carbon Copy (does not list ccs)

BCDC - Bay Conservation and Development Commission (San Francisco Bay)

BCF - Billion cubic feet

Bcfd - Billion cubic feet per day

BCP - Budget change proposal

BCR - Benefit cost ratio

b/d - Barrels per day

B&D - Bondage and Discipline

BDOE - Barrels per day oil equivalent

BDT - Best Demonstrated Technology

BEAM - Berkeley Energy Action Mobilization

BEES - Building Energy Efficiency Standards

BEF - Ballast efficacy factor

BEPS - Building Energy Performance Standard (Federal)

BES - Balancing Energy Supply

BFCC - Belridge Field Cogeneration Company

BFD - Big F_cking Deal

BF - Bottleneck Facility

BFI - Browning Ferris, Inc.

BFOQ - Bonafide Occupational Qualifications

BFR - Biennial Fuels Report

BGI - Berkeley Group Inc. (Geothermal reservoir modeling contract)

B/G/P - Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena BGP

BGS - below the ground surface

BICB - Building Industry Conference Board

BIDCO - Business and Industrial Development Corporation

Big G - Cumulative/Generic Geothermal Projects (81-GCl-l)

Big 6 - Attic insulation, weatherstripping, water heater blankets, low-flow showerheads, caulking, and duct wrap

BLM - U.S. Bureau of Land Management

BLS - U.S. Bureau or Labor Statistics

BLT - Bacon, lettuce and tomato

BMP's - Best Management Practices

BMW - Build more wires (T-lines)

BNLL - Blunt nose leopard lizard

BOBCAT - Building Officials Bulletin/Comment and Technique

BOC - State Board of Control

BOCA - Building Officials and Code Administrators International Assoc.

BOD - Biological Oxygen Demand

BOE - Barrel of Oil Equivalent

- State Board of Equalization

BOPD - Barrels of Oil Per Day

BOR - (U.S.) Bureau of Reclamation, was WPRS

BOY - Beginning-of-year

BPA - U.S. Bonneville Power Administration

BPIP - Building Profile Input Program

BPP - PGandE's Balanced Payment Plan

BPR - Business Procession Reengineering

BPS - Bulk Power Supply

BPT - Best Practical Technology

BR - Biennial Report of the CEC

BRC - Below Regulatory Concern (NRC)

BRIMP - Biological Resources Implementation and Monitoring Plan

BRMIP - Biological Resources Mitigation Implementation Plan

BRPAC - Biennial Report Policy Advisory Committee

BRPU - Biennial Resource Plan Update Proceeding (PUC)

BS - Business Services (ASD, CEC)

- Business Systems

BSB - Bidding, scheduling Settlements and Billing

BS/EC - Batch Scheduler/ Execution Control

BSC - State Building Standards Commission

BT - Buy Through

- British Telecommunications PLC

Btu - British thermal unit

BURPP - Biennial Utility Resources Plan Process or Proceeding, now BRPU, PUC

BWR - Boiling Water Reactor

BYOB - Bring Your Own Beer/Booze/Bottle




C - Co-op

- Commercialization

- Constraints

- Contingency

- Case (PUC)

- California Supreme Court Reports

- Conservation Division (CEC)

CA - Compliance Auditor

- California Appellate Reports

- Contingency Analysis

- Customer Aggregators

- Control Area

CAA - U.S. Clean Air Act

- Community Action Agency

CAAC - Civil Aviation Authority of China (China Air)

CAAQS - California Ambient Air Quality Standards

CAB - Consumer Affairs Branch (PUC)

CABF - Control Area Balancing Function

CABO - Council of American Building Officials

CAC - California Administrative Code (now CCR)

CACD - Commission Advisory and Compliance Division (PUC)

CACS - Commercial and Apartment Conservation Service

- Central air conditioners

CADA - Capitol Area Development Authority

CAE - Consortium of Alternative Energies

CAESFA - California Alternative Energy Source Financing authority

CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy

CAGETA - Clean Air Government Employee Travel Assoc. (Berkeley-Sacto. Bus)

CAISO - California Independent System Operator, also CALISO and ISO

CALBO - California Building Officials

CALEPA - California EPA

CALFuels - Clean alternative liquid fuels

CAL-NEVA - California/Nevada Community Action Assoc.

Cal/OSHA - California Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Calpine/Bechtel - Calpine corporation and Bechtel Enterprises, Inc.

CALPIRG - California Public Interest Research Group

CALSEAL - Solar labeling unit of CALSEIA

CALSECDA- California Solar and Energy Conservation Development Authority, formerly SUDA

CALSEIA - California Solar Energy Industries Association

CALTRANS - California Department of Transportation

CAM - Compliance audit manager, now CPM

CA/MX - Canadian or Mexican

CANDU - Canadian deuterium uranium reactor

CAO - Chief Administrative Officer

CAP - Central Arizona Project (water)

- Community Action Program

- Clean Air Plan

- Certification Agency Program (NFRC) (IA Program)

CAPA - California Administrative Procedure Act

CAPCOA - California Air Pollution Control Officers Assoc.

CAR - California Association of Realtors

CARB - California Air Resources Board (ARB)

CAREIRS- Conservation & Renewable Energy Inquiry and Referral Service

CAS - Chemical Abstract Service

CASA - California Association of Sanitation Agencies

CATEF - California Air Toxics Emission Factors

CAU - Compliance Audit Unit (CEC SED)

CAUSE - Campaign Against Utility Service Exploitation

CAW - Calif. Against Waste (Bottle Deposit Initiative)

CAWM - California Association of Window Manufacturers

CBAS - Computer Based Alarm System

CBC - Congressional Black Caucus

- California Building Code

CBCI - California Building Codes Institute

CBE - Communities for a Better Environment

CBG - Community based group

CBIA - California Building Industries Association

CBM - Certified Ballast Manufacturers

- Capacity Benefit margin

CBO - Community based organization

- County, City, or Chief Building Official

- Congressional Budget Office

CC - Carbon copy or copy to

- captive customer

CCA - Conservation cost adjustment

CCAA - California Clean Air Act

CCAIA - California Counsel of the American Institute of Architects

CCAI - Control Center Application Program Interface

CCC - California Coastal Commission

- California Conservation Corps

- California Community Colleges

CCCG - Combined cycle coal gasifier

CCCO - Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

CCCP - Russian for U.S.S.R.

CCCSLA - California Cities and Counties Street Lighting Association (pronounced CalSlaw)

CCEEB - California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CEEB)

CCIT - The International Telegraph & Telephone Consultative Committee

CCO - Chief Counsel's Office (CEC)

CCP - California Code of Civil Procedure

- Consumers, Commissioners and Public Interest Groups

CCPA - Central California Power Agency

CCPG - Colorado Coordinated Planning Group

CCR - Covenants, codes, and restrictions

- California Code of Regulations (formerly CAC)

- Coordinating Commissioner Ruler

CCSCE - Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy

CCSF - City and County of San Francisco

CCT - Clean Coal Technology

CD - Curtailable Demand

CDA - Common Data Access Method

CDBG - Federal Community Development Block Grants

CDC - Community Development Corporation

- Calif. Democratic Council

- U.S. Center for Disease Control

CDCA - California Desert Conservation Area (BLM)

CDD - Cooling degree days

CDF - California Department of Forestry/Finance

CDFG - California Department of Fish and Game

CDG - Commercial Demonstration Group

CDHS - California Department of Health Services

CDMG - California Division of Mines and Geology

CDOG - California Division of Oil and Gas (DOG)

CDWR - California Department of Water Resources (DWR)

CE - Combustion Engineering (BARRF Applicant)

- Connected Entity

CEA - Career Executive Appointment

- Calif. Electrical Alliance

CEB - Continuing Education of the Bar

CEC - California Energy Commission

CECA - Consumer Energy Council of America

CECI - California Energy Company Incorporated

CED - Campaign for Economic Democracy

- Commission on Economic Development

CEEB - Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB)

CEES - Calif. Energy Extension Services (EES)

CEERT - Coalition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies

CEM - Continuous emissions monitoring

CEO - Comprehensive Electronic Office

CEP - Canadian entitlement power

- California Energy Plan (1985 BR)

CEQ - Council on Environmental Quality Advisory to the President)

CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act

CERCDC - California Energy Resources Conservation & Development

Commission (CEC)

CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

CERLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response and Liability Act

CETA - U.S. Comprehensive Employment & Training Act

CF - Cubic feet

cf - Capacity factor

CFA - Conservation financing adjustment

- Consumer Federation of America

CFB - Circulating Fluidized Bed

CFC - Conservation Financing Company (So Cal Gas)

CFCs - Chloro-Flourocarbons

CFD - Contracts for Differences

CFE - Comision Federal de Electricidad (Mexican)

- Communications Front End

CFM - Common forecasting methodology

- Cubic feet per minute (cfm)

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

- Council on Foreign Regulations

CGI - Can't get in (RCS audit frustration)

- Common Gateway Interface

C&H - California and Hawaii (sugar company)

CHERS - California Home Energy Rating System

CHESS - Community health environmental surveillance system

CHP - California Highway Patrol

C/I - Commercial/Industrial

C&I - Compliance and Investigation

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

CIC - Computer Information Center (ASD, CEC)

CIE - International Commission of Illumination

CIEE - California Institute for Energy Efficiency (LBL)

CIM - Computer Integrated Manufacturing

- Common Information Model

CIP - Cash Incentive Program (SCE)

CIPA - California Independent Petroleum Assoc.

CISEP - Cellulose industry self-enforcement program

CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

CITS - China International Travel Service

CWMA - California Integrated Waste Management Act

CL - Capacity Loss

- Committed Load

CLE - Continuing Legal Education

CLEC - Citizen Labor Energy Coalition

C&LM - Conservation and Load Management

CLMA - Conservation Load Management Adjustment

CLMC - Certified Lighting Management Consultant

C&M - Compliance and monitoring

CMA - Cellulose Manufacturers Assoc.

- Chemical Manufacturer's Association

- Concrete Masonry Association

- California Manufacturer's Association

CMACN - Concrete Masoning Association of California and Nevada

CMP - Congestion Management Program

CMS - Corrective Measures Study

- Congestion Management System

CMUA - Calif. Municipal Utilities Association

CNCAB - California North Coast Air Basin

CNEL - Community Noise Equivalent Level

CNG - Compressed natural gas

CNN - Cable News Network

CNO - Chief Naval Operations

CNPS - California Native Plant Society

CNS - Central Nervous System

CO - Carbon monoxide

- Commissioner Offices

C02 - Carbon dioxide

COA - Chart of Accounts

COB - Close of business

COBRA - Federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

COC - Condition of certification

COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand

COE - Claim of Exemption

COED - Coal oil or char-oil energy development

COG - Council of Governments

- Continuity of Government

COLA - Cost of living adjustment

COMECON - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Soviet Union & Allies)

CON - Conservation

- Contract Opportunity Notice

CONAES - Committee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems (National Academy of Sciences)

Co-op - Electric cooperative

COP - Coefficient of Performance

CORD - Chrome Obstructive Respiratory Disease

CoSWMP - County Solid Waste Management Plan

COT(P) - California/Oregon Transmission (Project)

COYOTE - Cast off your old tired ethics (prostitutes' organization)

CP - Control Path

- Contract Path

CPC - Certification Policy Committee (NFRC)

CPCFA - Calif. Pollution Control Financing Authority

CPCN - Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity

CPI - Consumer Price Index

CP&L - California Power and Light Corporation

CPM - Compliance Project Manager

CPNC - California Pacific National Corporation

CPO - Comprehensive Planning Organization (San Diego's COG)

CPP - California Power Pool

CPS - Certified Professional Secretary

- Character per second

CPSC - U.S. Consumer Products Safety


CPU - Central Processing Unit

CPUC - California Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

CR - California Reporter

- Climate region

- Conservation Report

- Capacity Release

CRAC - Cultural Resources Advisory Committee, Cal Coal (defunct)

CRBR - Clinch River Breeder Reactor

CRETO - Conservation Reasonably Expected to Occur

CREPC - Committee for Regional Electric Power Cooperation

CRGT - Chemically Recuperated Gas Turbine - (pronounced "Crigget")

CRIMP - Cultural Resources Implementation and Monitoring Plan

CRIT - Colorado River Indian Tribes

CRLA - California Rural Legal Assistance

CRM - Contract request memo

CRRC - California Refuse Removal Council

CRS - U.S. Congressional Research Service

- Conservation and Resource Studies U.C. Berkeley

CRSP - Colorado River Storage Project

CRT - Cathode Ray Tube

CRWQCB - Colorado River Water Quality Control Board

CS - Cost Shifting

CSA - U.S. Community Services Administration, formerly OEO (deceased)

CSAC - County Supervisors Association of California

CSE - Citizens for Safe Energy

CSEA - California State Employees Association

CSEC - California State Electrical Code

CSI - Construction Specifications Institute

- Computing Services Infrastructure

CSLB - Contractors' State License Board

CSO - CEC Computer Services Office

CSOEO - California State OEO

CSPI - Center for Science in the Public Interest

CSPIECLC- California Swimming Pool Industry Energy Codes and Legislative Council

CSR - Certified Shorthand Reporter

- Commercial Status Report

CSRA - U.S. Conservation Service Reform Act of 1986 (killed CACS and revived RCS)

CSUC - California State Universities & Colleges

CSUDA - California Solar Utility Development Authority

CSWG - Commitment Structure Work Group

CSWMB - California Solid Waste Management Board, then CWMB, later IWMB

CT - Clerk's transcript

- combustion turbine

- Current Transformers

CT/VT - Current Transformers/ Voltage Transformers

CTB - Combustion turbine/waste heat boiler system

CTBT - Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

CTC - Competition Transition Charge

CTCR - Conservation Tax Credit Regulations

CTG - Combustion Turbine Generator

- Control Technology Guideline

CTGM - Complex Terrain Grid Model

CTI - Cooling Tower Institute

CTM - Contribution to Margin

CTO - Compensating time off

CUB - Consumers Utility Board

CUES - Center for Urban Environmental Studies, Inc.

CUP - Conditional Use Permit

CUPA - Certified Unified Participating Agency

CURC - California Utilities Research Council

CURT - Cut Utility Rates Today

CVP - Central Valley Project

CVAG - Coachella Valley Association of Governments

CV - Cost Variances

CVP - Central Valley Project

CVR - Conservation voltage regulation

CW - Cooling water

CWA - U.S. Clean Water Act

CWETA - Calif. Worksite Education Training Act (pronounced SWEETA)

CWIP - Construction work in progress

CWL - California Women Lawyers

CWMB - California Waste Management Board, formerly CSWMB, now IWMB

CYA - California Youth Authority

- Cover your ass

CZ - Climate Zone

- Congestion Zone

CZM(A) - Coastal Zone Management (Act) U.S.


D - deintegration

- demonstration

- deregulation

- disaggregation


- demand

- divestiture

- dispatch

- Decision (PUC)

DA - District Attorney

- Direct Access

DAC - Direct Access Customers

DAD - Direct Access Demand

DAG - Direct Access Generation

DAL - Direct Access Loads

DAM - Day Ahead Market

DAO - Demand Assessment Office, AD, CEC

DAS - Deputy Assistant Secretary

- Data Acquisition System

- Day Ahead Scheduling

DB - Decibel

dB - a-weighted sound level

DB - Demand Bid

DBA - Doing business as

dBa - Decibel on the A scale

DBE - Design basis earthquake

- Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

DBR - Declining block rates

DC - District of Columbia

- Direct current

- Data collection

- Doctor of chiropractic

- Division chief

D&C - Design and construction

DCA - California Department of Consumer Affairs

- District Court of Appeal (California)

DCEP - Draft Calif. Energy Plan

DCIS - Distributed Control and Information System

DCOR - Dispatch Coordinator

DCP - Deferred Compensation Plan

DCS - Distributed Control System

DD - Development Division (CEC), now Technology Systems Division

DDS - Department of Developmental Services (Calif.)

- Doctor of Dental Surgery

DDSD - Delta Diablo Sanitation District

DECAT- Drivers energy conservation awareness training (DOE)

DEFCON - Defense Readiness Condition

DEIR - Draft EIR

DEIS - Draft EIS

DEL - Daily Emission Limit

DEP - Department of Environmental Protection

DER - Draft Electricity Report

DES - Duke Engineering & Services Inc.

DF - Decontamination factor

DFA - State Department of Food & Agriculture

DFEH - Calif. Department of Fair Employment and Housing

DFER - Draft Final Electricity Report

DFG - State Department of Fish & Game

DFIS - Distribution Facilities Information System

DFS - Detailed Facilities Study

DG - Data General

- Decayed Granite

- Distributed Generation

DGS - State Department of General Services

DHHS - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (was HEW)

DHS - California Department of Health Services

dhw - Domestic hot water

DINK - Double Income, No Kids

DIR - Dispersed and intermittent resources

DISI - Dispatch Integration & Scheduling Implementation

DIY - Do-it-yourself

D&M - Dames and Moore (Environmental consultants)

DMS - Disaster Medical Services (DHS)

DMV - California Department of Motor Vehicles

DMZ - Demilitarized Zone

DOA - Dead on arrival (at the hospital)

DOB - Date of birth

DOC - Determination of Compliance (air quality)

- State Department of Corrections/Corporations

- U.S. Department of Commerce

DOD - U.S. Department of Defense

DOE - U.S. Department of Energy

- Depends on experience (salary)

- Department of Education

DOF - State Department of Finance/Forestry

DOG - State Division of Oil and Gas

- Day on the Green

DOH(S) - See DHS

DOI - U.S. Department of the Interior

DOJ - Department of Justice

DOPA - State Department of Personnel Administration

DOR - State Department of Rehabilitation

DOS - Disk Operating System

DOSH - State Division of Occupational Safety & Health

DOT - U.S. Department of Transportation

DPA - U.S. Defense Production Act

- State Department of Personnel Administration

DPF - Dispatcher Power Flow

DPR - State Department of Parks and Recreation

DR - Demand restraint

DRA - Division of Ratepayer Advocates (PUC)

DS - Distribution System

DRE - State Department of Real Estate

DSA - Delegated Siting Authority

- Democratic Socialists of America

DSI - Direct Service Industries

DSM - Demand Side Management

DSOW - Detailed Statement of Work

DSP - Direct Sales Program

DSPEO - Demand Side Program Evaluation Office (EELA)

DSS - Demand Subscription Service

- State Department of Social Services

DSTAR -Desert Southwest Transmission and Reliability

DTC - Desert Tortoise Council

DTG - Definition Task Group

Dth - Decatherm

DTL - Dynamic thermal loading

DTSC - California Department of Toxic Substances Control

DU - Distribution Utility

DUI - Driving Under the Influence

DVBE - Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

DVM - Doctor of veterinary medicine

DWP - L.A. Department of Water and Power (LADWP)

DWR - State Department of Water Resources

DZ - Demand Zone


E - emergency

EA - Energy Assessments

- Environmental Action

EAA - U.S. Export Administration Act

EAC - Estimated Cost at Completion

EAD - Expedited Application Docket (PUC)

EAF - Environmental Action Foundation

- Equivalent Availability Factor

EAGLE - Environmental Administrative Guidelines for Local Entities

EAM - Energy Awareness Month

EAP - Energy Assessment Program

- Environmental Assessment Program

- Employee Assistance Program

EARF - State Energy and Resources Fund (ERF)

EBANG - East Bay Anti-Nuclear Group

EBE - Extreme basis earthquake

EBS - Emergency Broadcast System

EBTR - Emergency Building Temperature Restrictions

EC - Energy Commission

- European Community

- Equipment Clearances

- Electric Capacity

ECA - External Control Area

ECAA - Energy Conservation Assistance Act

ECABF - Energy Cost Adjustment Billing Factor

ECAC - Energy Cost Adjustment Clause

ECAP - Energy Conservation Assistance Program ECB

- Energy Conservation Branch (PUC)

ECC - Energy Conservation Coalition

- Energy Control Center

ECCS - Emergency Core Cooling System

ECEBA - Energy Conservation in Existing Building Act

ECEM - Embedded Costs Exceeding Market

ECEMP- Embedded Costs Exceeding Market Prices

ECIP - Energy Crises Intervention Program

ECM - Energy Conservation Measure

- Equivalent Component Measures

ECOS - Environmental Council of Sacramento 

ECP - Expedited Complaint Procedure (PUC)

ECPA - Energy Conservation and Production Act of 1976 (U.S.)

ECWA - El Dorado County Water Agency

ED - Economic Dispatch

- Engineering Data

- Energy Division

EDA - Employee development appraisal, U.S. Economic Development

EDAD – Efficiency & Demand Analysis Division (CEC) (formerly Conservation Division and part of Assessments Division)

EDD - State Employment Development Department

EDF - Environmental Defense Fund

EDM - Electronic Data Management

EDP - Electronic data process

EDR - Energy Development Report (Development Division)

EDSA - Electric Distribution System Analysis (PGandE)

E&E - Engineering & Environmental Division of the Energy Commission, then Siting & Environmental Division (SED), then EFS, now SA&FSD

EE - Electric Energy

- Energy Efficiency

- Economic Efficiency

EEC - European Economic Community (Common Market)

- Energy Emergency Center

EECA - Emergency Energy Conservation Act

EED - Energy Efficiency Division (CEC), formerly Conservation Division, now EE&DAD – Energy Efficiency & Demand Analysis Division, also EDAD

EEI - Edison Electric Institute

EELA - Energy Efficiency and Local Assistance Division, CEC (formerly Conservation), now EE&DAD or EDAD

EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity

EER - Energy efficiency ratio or rating

EES - (California) Energy Extension Service (CEES)

EESI - Environmental and Energy Study Institute

EFOR - Equivalent forced outage rate

EFP - Energy Forecasting and Planning Division, CEC (formerly Assessments Division) (reorganized as part of EED & SAFS)

EFS - Energy Facilities Siting and Environmental Protection Division, (CEC) EFS&EPD (formerly SED, now SAFS)

EFS(P) - Energy facility siting (planner)

EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer

EGIA - Electric and Gas Industries Association

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EHO - Environment & Health Office (E&E)

EHS - Extremely hazardous substances

EHV - Extra high voltage

EI - Emission Inventory

EIA - U.S. Energy Information Agency (DOE)

- Electronic Industries Association

- Energy Information Administration

EIC - Upstream air pollution (H2S) abatement technique (corporate name)

EID - El Dorado Irrigation District

EIR - Environmental Impact Report, state

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement, U.S.

ELCC - Effective Load Carrying Capability

ELCON - Electricity Consumers Resources Council

ELFIN - Electric Utility Financial and Production Simulation Model (developed by EDF)

ELQ - Ecology Law Quarterly (Boalt Hall)

EM - Electro-magnetic

EMAT - Energy Management Assistance Team

EMD - Energy and Minerals Division of GAO

EMDS - Electric Motor Drive System

EMF - Electromagnetic Fields

- Electric and Magnetic Field

EMPA - U.S. Energy Management Partnership Act (proposed)

EMRIA - Energy Mineral Rehabilitation Inventory and Analysis

EMS - Energy Management System

EMSL - Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory

ENI - Energy National, Inc.

E&O - Engineering and Operating

EO - Executive Office (CEC)

- Environmental Office, SED

EOR - Enhanced oil recovery

EOS - Economics of Scale

EOT - Extension of Time

EP - Extraction Procedure (EPA hazardous waste test)

E&P - Exploration and Production

EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPAA - U.S. Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act

EPACT - 1992 US Energy Policy Act

EPC - Environmental Policy Center

EPCA - Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 (US)

EPCRA - Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act

EPI - Environmental Policy Institute

EPP - Energy Partnership Program

EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute

EPZ - Emergency planning zone

E&R - Extract and rewrite

ER - CEC Electricity Report

ERA - Economic Regulatory Administration

- Equal Rights Amendment

ERAM - Electric Revenue Adjustment Mechanism (PUC)

ERB - Energy Resources Branch (PUC)

ERC - Emission reduction Credit

ERCDC - Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission, CEC

ERCOT - Electric Reliability Council of Texas

ERDA - Energy Resources & Development Administration (now DOE)

ERDO - Emergency Reserve Drawdown Obligation

ERF - California Energy Resources Fund

ERI - Energy Reliability Index

ERM - environmental resources management

ERMIT - Environmental Resource Management Intern Trainee

ERP - Emergency Response Plan

ERPA - Energy Resources Program Account (CEC)

ERPG - Emergency Response Planning Guidelines

ERPO - Electricity Resource Planning Office (CEC)

ERT - Energy Research and Technology (Co.)

ERTA - Reagan's Economic Recovery Tax Act

ES - Environmental statement

ESA - Federal Energy Security Act of 1980

- Federal Endangered Species Act

- environmentally sensitive area

ESC - Electric System Co. (SCE)

ESCOs - Energy Service Companies

ESD - Environmental Services Department

ESP - Electric Precipitator

ESPAR - Electricity Supply Planning Assumptions Report

ESR - Electricity System Reliability

ESS - Emergency sharing system

ESSD - Emergency Strategies and Scenario Development Division of DOE

ESSOW - Engineering Service Scope of Work

ET - The Extra Terrestrial

ETA - Estimated time of arrival

ETAP - Energy Technologies Advancement Program

ETD - Energy Technology Development Division, CEC, (formerly Development Division, now TSD)

ETL - Electrical Testing Labs

ETRDD - Energy Technologies Research, Development & Demonstration Program

ETSPS - Electric transmission system program specialist

ETSR - Energy Technologies Status Report (CEC)

EU - European Union, formerly EC

- Electric Utility

EUA - Energy Utilization Auditors

EUC - End- use Customer

EUE - Expected Unserved Energy

EUI - Energy use index

EURATOM- European Atomic Energy Community

EV - Electric Vehicle

EWG - Exempt Wholesale Generator

EWH - Electric Water Heater

E & Y - Ernst and Young LLP


F - Federal reporter

- Freezer

- Forwards

- Feebates

FA - Fuels Allocation

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FAC - Fuel Adjustment Clauses

FACE - Fitchburg (Mass.) Action to Conserve Energy

FACS - Foothill Area Community Services

Fannie Mae - Federal National Mortgage Association

FAO - Fuels Allocation Office (CEC) (deceased)

FARO - Fuel Allocation Review Officer

FAS - Federal Aid for Secondary Highway Funds

FAT - Final Acceptance Test

- Factory Acceptance Test

FAU - Forced Air Unit

FAW - Forestry-Agricultural Waste

FBE - Functional Basis Earthquake

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBR - Fast Breeder Reactor

FBS - Federal Base System

fc - Footcandles

Fs & Cs- Findings and Conclusions

FC - Financial Contracts

FCA - Fuel cost adjustment, now, ECAC

FCAA - Federal Clean Air Act

FCAPS - Fault Configuration Accounting Performance Security Model

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FCRPS - Federal Columbia River Power System (BPA)

FDAS - Final Day Ahead Schedule

FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interchange

FEA - Federal Energy Administration

FEAP - Farm Energy Assistance Program

FEBA - Federal Energy Bar Assoc.

FEC - Foreign Exchange Certificate (PRC)

FEIP - Funding Evaluation and Implementation Program

FEIR - Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

FELCC - Firm energy load carrying capacity (BPA operations)

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMP - Federal Energy Management Program (DOE)

FEO - Federal Energy Office

FEP - Front End Processor

FEPP - Facilities and Employees Protection Plan

FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, formerly FPC

FFAO - Fossil Fuels Assessment Office (CEC)

FFV - Flexible Fueled Vehicle

F&G - California Department of Fish and Game

FG - Flexible Generation

FGR - Flue Gas Recirculation

FH - Further Hearing

FHA - Federal Housing Authority

FHDA - Fur and Hamlock Door Association

FHLMC - Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

FICA - Federal Insurance Compensation Act (Social Security)

FICCC - Federal Interagency Central Coordinating Committee for Radiological Emergency Planning and Preparedness

FIFO - First in, First out

FIFRA - Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

FIGMO - f-ck-it, I've got my orders

FIP - Federal Implementation Plan (can supplant the SIP)

FIRE - Finance, insurance, and real estate

FIT - Federal Income Tax

FJES - Final Joint Environmental Statement

FLPMA - Federal Land Policy Management Act

FM - Future Markets

FOE - Friends of the Earth

FOF - Finding of fact

FOIA - U.S. Freedom of Information Act

FOMAC - Fuel Oil Marketing Advisory Committee (DOE)

FONSI - Findings of No Significant Impact

FOR - Forced outage rate

- Friends of the River

FORBA - Fuel Oil Rate Base Adjustment

FP - Fuel Price

FPA - Federal Power Act

FPC - Federal Power Commission, now FERC

FPMA - Federal Power Marketing Agency

- Federal Power Marketing Administration

FPO - Fuels Planning Office (CEC)

FPPC - California Fair Political Practices Commission

FR - Federal Register

FRB - Federal Reserve Board

FRD - Functional Requirements Documents

 Freddy Mac- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

FREE - Fund for Renewable Energy and the Environment (formerly Solar Lobby)

FRPPNE - Federal Response Plan for Peacetime Nuclear Emergencies

FSA - Final Staff Assessment, also SA (Staff Assessment), CEC

FSM - Free Speech Movement (Berkeley, 1964)

FSOR - Final Statement of Reasons (OAL)

FSP - Federal Standby Plan (RCS)

Ft3/s - Cubic feet per second

FTB - State Franchise Tax Board

FTC - Federal Trade Commission

FTD - Finance and Technology Development (DD)

FTE - Full-Time Equivalent

FTR - Film Transmission Rights

FTREC - First Contingency Rated Exit Capability

FUA - Federal Fuel Use Act (PIFUA)

FUBAR - f cked up beyond all reason

FV - Future value

FWPCA - Federal Water Pollution Control Act

FY - Fiscal year

FYI - For Your Information



G - grid

- generator

g(G) - Peak ground acceleration

GA - Generator Aggregators

GAC - Gas Adjustment Clause

GAMA - Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association

GAMP - Geysers Air Monitoring Program

GAO - U.S. General Accounting Office

GAS CAP - Gasoline Conservation Awareness Program

GB - Growing Board

- Governing Board

GC - General Counsel (CEC), now Chief Counsel

- General Company

- Generation Company

GCC - Geothermal Coordinating Council

GCI - Geothermal Cumulative Impacts (Big G), as in 81-GCI-1

GDAC - Generation Dispatch and Control

GDP - Gross domestic product

GDR - German Democratic Republic (East Germany) (deceased)

GEDA - Gas Exploration and Development Account

GEP - Good Engineering Practice

GESMO - Generic Environmental Statement on the Use of Recycle Plutonium In Mixed Oxide Fuel in LWRs

GFD - Gone for the day

GGLP - Geothermal Grant and Loan Program

GGTD - Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District

GHz - gigahertz

GIITG - Government Interface Issues Task Group

GKI - Geothermal Kinetics, Inc. (DWR South Geysers steam supplier)

GMC - Grid Management Charge

GMM - Generation Meter Multipliers

gnp - Gallons per minute pumped

GNP - Gross national product

GO - General Order (PUC)

GOCO - Government owned, contractor-operated project

GOER - Governor's Office of Employee Relations

GOTV - Get-out-the-vote

GPA - Grade Point Average

gpd - Gallons per day

gpm - Gallons per minute GPO

- U.S. Government Printing Office

GPPL - Geothermal Public Power Line

GR - Growth rate

GRA - Geothermal Resources Association

GRASS - Generation Reliability and System Simulation (PGandE computer model)

GRC - Geothermal Resources Council

- General Rate Case (PUC)

GRDA - Geothermal Resources Development Account (CEC)

GRI - Gas Research Institute

- Geothermal Resources, Incorporated

GRIPS - Geothermal Resources Impact Project Study

GS - General Schedule

- Generation Scheduling

GSA - U.S. General Services Administration

GSP - Gross State Product

GSU - Generator Step-Up Transformer

GTA - Generic Technology Assessment

GTC - Government Technology Conference

GUI - Graphic Users Interface

GUMS - Gas Utility Monthly Summary

GUP - Geothermal Utilization Permit

GW - Gigawatt GWe

GWG - Governance Work Group

GWH - Gas water heater

GWh - Gigawatt hour



H2S - Hydrogen sulfide

HACFBC - High Ash Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion

HAM - Hour-Ahead Market

HAO - Hearing Advisers Office (CEC)


HC - Hydrocarbon

- Holiday credit

- Hedging Contracts

HCD - State Department of Housing and Community Development

HDC - Historic Data Collection

HDD - Heating degree days

- Horizontal Directional Drilled

HEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program

HEAT - Handicapped Energy Assistance Team

HEI - Heat Exchange Institute

HERS - Home Energy Rating System

HEW - U.S. Dept. of Health, Education Welfare now HHS

HFA - State Housing Finance Authority

HHS – U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

HHV - Higher Heating Value

HI - Hydraulic Institute

HIC - Home Improvement Center

HIM - Historic Information Management

HIP - Home Insulation Program (So Cal Gas)

HIT - Hazardous Incidence Team

HLW - High-Level Waste

HMBP - Hazardous Materials Business Plan

HOCS - Hot Oil Circulating System

HOHI - Homeownership and Home Improvement Loan Program

HP - high-pressure

HPFF - high-pressure fluid-filled

HR - Heat Rate

H.R. - U.S. House of Representatives (bill)

HRA - Health Risk Assessment

HRS - Hazard Ranking System (EPA)

HRSG - Heat Recovery Steam Generator

HSPS - Health and Safety Program Specialist

HSS - Health and Safety Specialist

HTF - Heat Transfer Fluid

HTM - Hyper text Markup

HTO - Holiday time off

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HUD - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HV - High voltage

HVAC - Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

HWCL - Hazardous Waste Control Law

HWR - Heavy Water Reactor

Hz - hertz



I - Order Instituting Investigation (PUC)

IA - Independent Certification and Inspection Agency (NFRC)

IAB - Internet Activities Board

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

IALD - Int'l. Assoc. of Lighting Designers

IAN - Integrated Assessment of Need

IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IAPMO - Int'l. Assoc. of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

IAR - Issues and Alternatives Report (CEC Staff NOI analysis)

IARC - International Agency for Research on Cancer

IASP - Internet Access Service Provider

IAT - ABB Internal Acceptance Test

IBM - International Business Machine

ICA - Insulation Contractors Association

- ISO Control Area

ICBMs - Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

ICBO - International Conference of Building Officials

ICC - U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission

ICCP - Inter Control Center Protocol

ICCT - Innovative Clean Coal Technology

ICEM - Iterative Cost Effectiveness Methodology

ICGCC - Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant

ICGE - Inter-parliamentary Conference on Global Environment

ICP - Inter-Company Pool (PNW lOUs)

- Institutional Conservation Program

ICPA - Intermountain Consumer Power Association

ICRP - Int'l Commission on Radiological Protection

ICS - Integral Collector/Storage

ICWM - Institute of Chemical Waste Management

IDB - Industrial Development Board

IDC - Interest During Construction

IDLH - Immediately dangerous to life and health

IDR - Identified Deferable Resource

 IEA - International Energy Agency or Agreement

IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

IEIE - Initial Environmental Impact Evaluation

IEP - International Energy Program

- Independent Energy Producers

IER - Incremental Energy Rate

IERI - Illuminating Engineering Research Institute

IES - Illuminating Engineering Society

IETF - Intranet Engineering Task Force

IFA - Interconnection Facilities Agreement

IFR - Intervenor Funding Regulations

IG - ISO Grid

IGCC - Integrated Gasifier Combined Cycle (SCE's Coolwater)

- Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

IHACI - Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Incorporated

IHR - Incremental Heat Rate

IID - Imperial Irrigation District

- Intermittent ignition device

ILM - Industrial Light and Magic (movie special effects)

ILSG - Institute for Local Self Government

I&M - Inspection and Maintenance

IMC - Instrument and Manual Control System

IMF - International Monetary Fund

IMS - Interagency Mail Service

INF - Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces

in. HgA - inches of mercury absolute

INPO - Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

I/O - input/output

IO - Information Office (CEC)

IOPA - Independent Oil Producers Association

IOS - Interconnected Operations Services

IOU - Investor-owned utility

- Investor Owner Utility

IP - Internet Protocol

- Intermediate pressure

IPA - Intermountain Power Assoc.

- Interagency Personnel Action

IPC - Independent Power Corporation

- Idaho Power Company

IPCC - International Panel on Climate Change (U.V.)

IPEC - Int'l Power Exhibition and Energy Conference

IPG - Federal Income Poverty Guidelines

IPM - Integrated Pest Management

IPP - Intermountain Power Project Utah (IRP)

- Independent Power Producers

IPR - Industrial Petroleum Reserve

IQ - Intelligence Quotient

IQE - Insulation Quality Enforcement

IRA - Individual Retirement Account

IRAC - Issue Recommendation, Analysis, Condition

IRAP - Interagency Radiological Assistance Plan

IRC - Internal Revenue Code

IRCA - Immigration Reform and Control Act

IRM - Interim Remedial Measures (EPA)

IROR - Incentive rate of return

IRP - Intermountain Resale Project, Utah (IPP)

- Integrated Resource Planning

- Industrial Petroleum Reserve

IRPP - Integrated Resource Planning Principles

IRRC - Investors Responsibility Research Corporation

IRS - Internal Revenue Service

IRTF - Internet Research Task Force

IS - Initial Study

- Interchange Scheduling

ISA - Instrument Society of America

ISAG - Industry Supply Advisory Group

ISC - Industrial Source Complex Model

- Interchange Scheduling Calculation

ISD - Immune System Dysregulation

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network

IS/ND - Initial Study/Negative Declaration

ISO - International Organization of Standardization

- Independent System Operator

ISOBBS - ISO Balance of Business Systems

ISOCA - ISO Control Area


ISOR - Initial Statement of Reasons

ISOSA - ISO Scheduling Applications

ISOSBS ISO Scheduling and Business Systems

ISOSI - ISO Scheduling Infrastructure

ISOTG - ISO Transmission Grid

ISP - Internet Service Provider

IST - Integrated Systems Test

ISTIG - Intercooled Steam Injected Gas Turbine

ITC - Investment Tax Credits

ITG - ISO Transmission Grid

ITS - Interchange Transaction Scheduler

IWAQM - Interagency Workgroup on Air Quality Modeling

IWC - International Whaling Commission

IWMB - Integrated Waste Management Board, formerly CWMB



JACL - Japanese-American Citizens League

JAW - James A. Walker

JCL - Job control language

JD - Juris Doctor (law school degree)

JDL - Jewish Defense League

JES - Joint Environmental Statement

JIMS - Joint Interagency Modeling Study

JOB - Job Opportunity Bulletin

JPA - Joint powers agreement

JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JUMP - Joint Utility Management Plan



K - Thousand, kilometer, or kindergarden

KCAPCD - Kern County Air Pollution Control District

kcmil - thousands of circular mils

KGRA - Known geothermal resource area

km - Kilometer

KPH - Kilometers per hour

KRCC - Kern River Cogeneration Company

KRCD - Kings River Conservation District

kV - Kilovolt

kV/m - Kilowatts per Meter

kW - Kilowatt

kWe - Kilowatt, electric

kWh - Kilowatt hour

KWp - Peak kilowatt



L - Library (CEC)

- Losses

- Load

LAC - Level of acceptable change

LACSD - Los Angeles County Sanitation District (the SAND District)

LADWP - Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

LAER - Lowest Achievable Emission Rate

LAFCO - Local Agency Foundation Commission

LAN - Local Area Network

LANL - Los Alamos National Laboratory

LANAC - Lawyer Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control

LANCER - Los Angeles City Energy Recovery Project (defeated)

LAO - Legislative Analyst's Office

LAP - Laboratory Accreditation Program (NFRC)

LAR - Local agency reimbursement

LARR - Levelized Annual Revenue Requirement

LARWQCB- Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board

LASL - Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

LAX - Los Angeles International Airport

LBGD - Long Beach Gas Department

LBL - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

LBS - Local Building Standards

LC - Load control

- Load centers

LCAPCD - Lake County Air Pollution Control District

LCAPCO - Lake County Air Pollution Control Officer

LCC - Life Cycle Cost

LCG - LCG Consulting

LD50 - Dose lethal to 50 percent of those tested

LDC - Less developed countries

- Load duration curve

- Local distribution company (California utility)

LDLO - Lowest published lethal dose

LDN OR DNL - Day-Night Noise Level

LDS - Local Data Server

LEA - Local Enforcement Agency

LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee

Leq - equivalent sound pressure level

- Equivalent Noise level

LEV - Low Emission Vehicle

LF - Load Forecast

- Loss Factor

LHV - Lower Heating Value

LIC - Legal Index Card

LIEAP - Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

L&L - Late and Lousy

LLF - Light loss factor

LLL;LLNL - Lawrence Livermore (National) Laboratory

LLRW;LLW - Low-Level Radioactive Waste

LM - Load Management

LMCP - Locational Market Clearing Price

LMFBR - Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor

Ln - Percentile Noise Level

LNG - Liquified Natural Gas

LO - Legal Office (CEC)

- Light output

- Lock Out

LOA - Letter of Agreement

LOCA - Loss of coolant accident

LOEP - Loss of energy probability

LOLE - Loss of Load Expectation

LOLP - Loss of Load Probability

LORPS - Laws, Ordinances, Regulations, Policies and Standards

LORS - Laws, Ordinances, Regulations and Standards

LORSCs - Laws,Ordinances, Regulations, Standards and Codes

LOS - Level of Service

LOU - Letter of Understanding

LP - low-pressure

LPC - Legislative Policy Committee

LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LPOEU - Local Publicly Owned Electric Utilities

LRMC - Long Run Margin Cost

LRT - Light Rail Transit

LRV - Light Rail Vehicle

LS - Little Store

- Loss Sensitivity

LSAT - Law School Aptitude Test

LSC - Legal Services Corporation

LSFO - Low Sulfur Fuel Oil

LTBA - Likely to be available

LTBT - Limited Test Ban Treaty

LTIAP - Long-Term Intertie Access Policy

LUFT - Leaking Underground Fuel Tank

LULU - Locally unwanted land use

LUST - Leaking Underground Storage Tank

LWBR - Light water breeder reactor

LWR - Light water reactor



m (M) - Meter, million, mega or milli

- Monopoly

- Monopsony

- marketer

- Municipalization

MAAC - Major additions adjustment clause

MAB - Merit Award Board

MAD - Mutual assured destruction

MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

MAF - Million acre feet

MALDEF - Mexican-American Legal Defense & Education Fund

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

MB - Mass Burn (MSW)

mb/d - Millions of barrels per day

MBP - Market-Based Price

MBUAPCD- Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control Dist.

MC - Mandatory conservation

- Marginal Cost

MCC - Motor Control Center

MCE - Maximum Credible Earthquake

MCF - Thousand cubic feet

MCL - Maximum Containment Level

MCP - Market Clearing Price

MCR - McCulloch Resources

MD - Medical doctor

MDB - Multinational Development Bank

MEAG - Minimum energy audit guidelines

MEC - Metcalf Energy Center

MEGS - Multi-media environmental guidelines

MEI - Maximally exposed individual

MEIR - Master Environmental Impact Report

MEOW - Moral equivalent of war, Carter Energy Policy

MEP - Maximum extent practicable

MER - Maximum efficient rate of production

MESC - Municipal Energy Service Corporation

METAP - Minority Energy Technical Assistance Program

MF - Market Forces

MFBI - Major fuel burning installation

MFCEV - methanol fuel cell electric vehicle

Mfg. - Manufacturing

mG - Milligauss

mg/kg - milligrams per kilogram

mg/L - milligrams per Liter

mg/m3 - milligrams per cubic meter

MGD - million gallons per day

MHz - Megahertz

MI - Market Interface

M&I - Municipal and Industrial

MIC - Market Interface Committee

MID - Modesto Irrigation District

MIMA - Mineral Insulation Manufacturing Association

MIPM - Market Information Publishing Module

MIRVS - Multiple independently-targeted reentry vehicles (nuclear missiles)

MIS - Management Information System (timesheets)

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MLDs - Most likely descendents

MM - Million

mmb/d - Millions of barrels per day

MMBtu - million British thermal units

MMCF - Million cubic feet

MMS - Minerals Management Service (Federal)

M&O - Maintenance and operating

MOA - Memorandum of Agreement

MOM - Mobilehome Owners Magazine

MON - Monitoring

MOR - Maintenance Outage Rate

- Merit Order Rank

MORC - Minimum Operating Reliability Criteria

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding 

MP - Member of Parliament (British)

- Market Participant

MPC - Maximum permissible concentration (radiation)

- Montana Power Company

- Media and Public Communications Office (CEC)

MPE - Maximum probable earthquake

MPG - Miles per gallon

MPS - HUD's minimum property standards

MQ - Minimum qualifications

MR - Marylander Marketing Research (RCS benchmark survey)

MRF - Material Recovery Facility

MRS - Monitored Retrievable Storage (proposed facility for nuclear waste)

MRT - Minimum Rate Tariffs

m/s - Meters per second

MS - Mail station

- Manufacturers Standards

M&S - Materials and Supplies

MSA - Merit Salary Adjustment

- Master Services Agreement (DGS)

- Metropolitan Statistical Area

MSAPA - Model State Administrative Procedure Act of 1981

MSDS - Material safety data sheet

MSHA - U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration

MSL - Mean Sea Level

MSR - Molten salt reactor

- Modesto/Santa Clara/Redding Joint Power Agency

MST - Management Services Technician

MSU - Municipal Solar Utility

MSW - Municipal Solid Waste

MT - Metric ton, 1,000 kilograms

MTC - Metropolitan Transit Commission

MTDI - Maximum Tolerable Daily Intake

MTG - Methanol to gasoline

MTO - Major Transmission Owner

MTR - Must Take Resources

MTSA - Mid-Term Stability Analysis

MTU - Major Transmission Utility

mty - Million tons per year

MU - Municipal Utility

MUD - Multi-unit dwelling

- Municipal utility district

MUSD - Middleton Unified School District (Lake County)

MUSE - Musicians United for Safe Energy (sponsored "no Nukes")

MVAR - Megavar

MVARH - Megavar hour

MVIP - Motor Vehicle Inspection Program

MWA - Megawatt Amperes

MW - Megawatt (million watts)

MWA - Mojave Water Agency

M/WBE, MBE/WBE - Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (pronounced meebe/weebe)

MWD - L.A. Metropolitan Water District

Mwh - Megawatt hour

MWp - Peak megawatt

MX - Missile Experimental



NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of colored people

NAAQS - National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NAC - Network Analysis Control

NACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers

NADH - North America Digital Hierarchy

NADP - National Atmospheric Deposition Program

NAECA - National Appliance Energy Conservation Act

NAERO - North American Electric Reliability Organization

NAF - Non-Affiliated

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement

NAHB - National Association of Home Builders

NAHC - Native American Heritage Commission

NAHRO - National Assoc. of Housing and Redevelopment Officials

NAMS - National Air Monitoring Stations

NAP - Non-Attainment Area Plan

NAPA - National Academy of Public Administration

NAPAP - National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program

NAPP - Neighborhood Adult Participation Project

NARG - North American Regional Gas (Model)

NARUC - National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

NAS - National Academy of Sciences

- Naval Air Station

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASUCA - National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVWPNCEN-Naval Weapons Center (China Lake)

NBS - National Bureau of Standards

NC - Network Coloring

NCA - National Constructors Association

NCAT - National Center for Appropriate Technology 

NCCB - National Consumer Cooperative Bank

NCGs - Non-condensable gases

NCLC - National Consumer Law Center

NCPA - Northern California Power Agency

NCQLP - National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Profession

NCRP - National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

NCRWQCB- North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

NCSBCS - National Conference of States on Building Codes & Standards (NIXBIS)

NCSL - National Conference of State Legislatures

NCVCIA - North Coyote Valley Campus Industrial Area

NDA - New drug application

NDAFR - proposed National Defense Alcohol Fuel Reserve

NDSR - Next-day System Requirements

NEA - National Energy Act

NEACP - National Emergency Airborne Command Post (pronounced kneecap)

NEB - Canadian National Energy Board

NEC - National Electrical Code

NECPA - National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1978 (set up RCS and appliance standards)

NEES - National Energy Extension Service (Act)

NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturer's Association

NEP - National Energy Plan

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

NERC - National Electric Reliability Council

- North America Electric Reliability Council

NES - National Energy Strategy

NESC - National Electric Safety Code

NESCA - National Environmental System Contractor Assoc.

NESHAPS- National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

NFC - National Fire Code

NF-I - BPA Non-Firm Surplus Energy Rate

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

NFRC - National Fenestration Rating Council

NGA - National Governors Association

NGPA - Natural Gas Policy Act

NGO - Non-Governmental Organization

NH3 - ammonia

NID - Nevada Irrigation District

NIMBY - Not in my backyard

NIOSH - National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

NITF - Non-ISO Transmission Facilities

NL - Nuclear legislation

- No load

NLPIP - National Lighting Product Information Program

NM - Natural Monopoly

NMA - Not Man Apart (FOE news magazine)

NMB - Network Model Builder

NMH - Non-methane hydrocarbons

NNPA - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978

NOAA - National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAEL - No observed adverse effect level

NOI - Notice of Intention

NOJC - National Oil Jobbers Council

NO - Nitric Oxide

NOx - Nitrogen Oxides

N02 - Nitrogen dioxide

NOP - Notice of Preparation (of EIR)

NOPA - Notice of Proposed Action

NOPR - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

NOV - Notice of Violation

NOW - National Organization for Women

NP - Nurse-Practitioner

NPC - Nevada Power Company

- National Petroleum Council

- Notice of Proposed Construction

NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPG - Non-PX Generation

NPL - National Priorities List of hazardous waste sites

NPR - Naval Petroleum Reserve

NPRM - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

NPS - National Park Service

NPT - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NPV - Net present value

NRBS - Non Residential Building Standards

NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission, was AEC

NRCs - National Resources Conservation Service

NRDC - Natural Resources Defense Council

NRECA - National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

NREG - Nuclear Regulation (NRC)

NREPP - Proposed National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Plan

NRRI - National Regulatory Research Institute

NRTA - Northwest Regional Transmission Association

NSCAPCD- Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District

NSCAPCO- Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control Officer

NSF - National Science Foundation

- National Sanitation Foundation

- Net Solar Fraction

NSHIC - National Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center, Now CAREIRS

NSPD - National Security and Plans Development, Division of DOE

NSPS - New source performance standards

NSR - New source review (air quality)

- Non-Spinning Reserve

NTIS - National Technical Information Service

NTO - Noncompensable Time Off

NTP - National Toxicology Program

NTREC - Normal Total Rated Exit Capability

NUGS - Non-Utility Generators

NUR - National utilization rate

NUS - Non-Utility Supplier

NVLAP - National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

NW - Northwest

NWC - (China Lake) Navel Weapons Center

NWF - National Wildlife Federation

NWMA - National Wood Manufacturers Association

NWPC - National Women’s Political Caucus

NWPP - Northwest Power Pool

NWS - National Weather Service

NWWDA - National Wood, Widow and Door Association

NYPP - New York Power Pool



O - Oligopoly

- Outage

- Options

O2 - Oxygen

03 - Ozone

OA - Oral argument

OAH - State Office of Administrative Hearings

OAL - State Office of Administrative Law

OAPEC - Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries

OAS - Organization of American States

OASDI - Old Age and Survivors Disability Insurance (Social Security)

OASI - Old Age and Survivors Insurance

OASIS - Open Access Same-Time Information System

OAT - State Office of Appropriate Technology

OATI - Open Access Technology International

OAU - Organization of African Unity

OBE - Operating Basis Earthquake

OBW - Oversized Bulky Waste

OCAW - Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union

OCR - U.S. Office of Coal Research

- Optical Character Reader

- Optical Character Recognition

OCS - Outer Continental Shelf

OCSLA - OCS Land Act

ODBC - Open Data Base Connectivity

ODO - On Demand Obligation

ODOE - Oregon Department of Energy

OEA - Office of Energy Assessments

OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (US + allies)

OECP - Office of Energy Contingency Planning (ERA)

OEO - State Office of Economic Opportunity; Federal now CSA

OEHHA - Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

OER - Governor's Office of Employee Relations

OES - State Office of Emergency Services

OGA - Office of Governmental Affairs, CEC

OGC - Over-Generation Condition

O&GJ - Oil and Gas Journal

OGM - Over-Generation Mitigation

OIC - Opportunities Industrialization Center

OIH - Order Instituting Hearings

OII - Order Instituting Investigation (PUC)

OIR - Order Instituting Rulemaking

OLA - State Office of Local Assistance

OLE - Object Linking and Embedding

OLS - Ordinary leased squares

O&M - Operation and maintenance

OM - Office manager

OMB - U.S. Office of Management and Budget

OMR - Office Machine Repair (DGS)

OOE - Other Operating Entity

OPA - Office of Project Administration

OPC - Occupancy and Physical Category (NRBS)

OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPERM - Operation Monitoring

OPF - Optimal Power Flow


OPR - Governor's Office of Planning and Research

OR - Own recognizance (no bail release from jail)

- Operating Reserve

ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORV - Off-road vehicle

OS - Outage Schedule

- Operations Schedule

OSA - Office of the State Architect

OSB - California Electricity Oversight Board

OSC - Order to Show Cause

OSF - Open Systems Foundation

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (or Act)

OSHPD - Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

OSI - Order Securing Information

- Operating System Implementation

- Open System Interconnect

- Operational Scheduling Implementation Team

OSM - Office of Surface Mining (DOI)

OSP - Out-of-State Power

OT - Office Technician

OTA - U.S. Office of Technology Assessment

OTC - Operational Transfer Capability

OTE - Ocean thermal gradient energy

OTL - Out to Lunch

OTM - Once Through Methanol

OTS - Obligation to Serve

OTTV - Overall Thermal Transfer Value btu/hr ft2

OVA - Organic Vapor Analyses

OWC - Office of Water Conservation, DWR

OWID - Oroville-Wyandotte Irrigation District



P - Presiding member of a CEC Committee

- path, poolco

PA - Public Adviser (CEC)

- Parameter Adaptation

- Power Authorities

PABX - Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PAC - Political action committee ($ for campaigns)

PACE - Political Action Coalition for the Environment

PAD - Petroleum Allocation for Defense

PAG - Professional Advisory Group to the Nonresidential Building Standards

- Protective Action Guide

PAN - Mexico's National Action Party (right wing, but supported President Fox)

PAO - Public Adviser's Office, CEC

PBC - Polychlorinated biphenyls

PAR - Preliminary Agenda Review

PBR - Performance Based Ratemaking

- Performance-Based Regulations

PC - The Peripheral Canal

- Personal Computer

- Public Citizen

- Politically correct

PCA - Power Computer Application

PCAO - President's Commission on America Outdoor

PCBC - Pacific Coast Builders Conference

PCBs - Polychlorinated biphenyls

PCDDs - Polyclorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins

PCDFs - Polyclorinated dibenzofurans

PCEA - Pacific Coast Electrical Association

PCFB - Pulverized Coal-Fired Boiler

PCP - Product Certification Program (NFRC)

PCWA - Placer County Water Agency

PD - Peak Demand

- Planned Development

P.D. - Public Defender

PDC - Personnel Development Center, SPB

PDF - Project description form

PDR - Physicians Desk Reference

PDS - Prescribed Dispatch Schedule

PDU - Power Distribute Unit

PE - Professional Engineer

- Physical Education

PEA - Proponent's Environmental Assessment

PEL - Permissible Exposure Limit

PEMEX - Petroleos Mexicanos

PERB - Public Employment Relations Board

PERS - Public Employees' Retirement System

PESC - Pacific Energy Services Company (PG&E)

pf - power factor

PF - Power Flow

PFA - Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley)

PFBC - pressurized fluidized bed combustion

PFC - Penalty Factor Calculation

PFD - Price-Flexible Demand

PFI - Pipe Fabrication Institute

PGA - Purchased gas adjustment

- Peak ground acceleration

- Professional Golfers' Association

PGC - Price Guarantee Commitment

PGE - Portland General Electric

PG&E - Pacific Gas & Electric Company

PGPP - Public-Generating Power Pool (PNW Public Utilities)

PH - Personal holiday

PHC(S) - Prehearing Conference (Statement)

PI - Permanent intermittent (employee)

- Personal injury

PID - Price-Inflexible Demand

P&ID - Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

PIFUA - Federal Powerplant & Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978

PIG - Public Interest Goals

PIIRA - Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act (CEC)

PILF - Public Interest Law Foundation

PIO - Public Information Office (CEC)

- Pilot induced oscillations

PIRG - Public Interest Research Group

PL - U.S. Public Law

- Project leader (formerly team leader)

- Peak Load

PLC - Pacific Lighting Corp. (SoCal Gas' former parent)

- Power Line Carrier

PLF - Pacific Law Foundation

PLFH - Forecast of the percent of the load supplied by hydro resources

PLFT - Forecast of the percent of the load supplied by thermal resources

PLI - Power Labs Inc.

PLO - Palestine Liberation Organization

PM - Project Manager

- Prime Minister

- Particulate Matter

- Power Marketer

PM10 - Particulate matter 10 microns and smaller

PMPD – Presiding Member’s Proposed Decision (CEC)

PMR - Presiding Member's Report (CEC)

PMS - Picturephone Meeting Service

- Power Management System

PMT - Project Management Team

PNE - Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty

PNM - Public Service Company of New Mexico

PNUCC - Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee

PNW - Pacific Northwest

POC - Prisoners of Conscience

- Precursor Organic Compounds

POE - Probability of Exceedence

POLR - Provider of Last Report

POM - Polycyclic Organic Matter

PON - Program Opportunity Notice

POP - Point of Presence

PORAC - Peace Officers Research Association of Califonia

POSSLQ - Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters

PP - Power Plant

- Policy Principle

- Power Pool

PPA - Power Purchase Agreement

ppb - Parts per billion

PPC - Public Power Council (PNW)

- Power Purchase Contract

PPE - Policy & Program Evaluation Office of the Energy Commission (deceased)

- Personal Protective Equipment

PPF - Parallel Path Flow

PPI - Producer Price Index

- Power plant investigation

PP&L - Pacific Power & Light Company

ppm - Parts per million

ppmvd - Parts per million by volume, dry basis

ppt - Parts per trillion

PR - Preliminary Report (of the BR)

- Public relations

- Purchasers Representative

PRA - Probabilistic Risk Assessment

- California Public Records Act

PRAC - Poverty Rights Action Center

PRC - California Public Resources Code

- Berkeley Police Review Commission

- Peoples' Republic of China

PRD - Mexico's Party of the Democratic Revolution (left wing)

PRI - Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party (establishment)

PRMIP - Paleontological Resources Mitigation Implementation Plan

PROC - Photochemically Reactive Organic Compounds

PRPs - Potentially Responsible Parties

PRS - Performance Reporting System (Wind)

PSA - Public Service Announcement (on radio or TV)

- Preliminary Staff Assessment

- Pacific Southwest Airlines (defunct)

PSC - Perot Systems Corporation

PSD - Prevention of significant deterioration (air quality)

- Public Staff Div. (PUC)

PSE - Purchasing or Selling Entity

PSI - Pollution Standards Index

Psig - pounds per square inch gauge

PSM - Process Safety Management Plan

PSP&L - Puget Sound Power and Light

PSREC - Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative

PSW - Pacific Southwest

PTC - Performance Test Codes

PTI - Pacific Thermonetics, Inc. (first Crockett Applicant)

- Power Technologies Inc.

PTO - Permit to Operate

PUC - California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

PUD - Planned Unit Development

- Public utility district

PUHCA - U.S. Public Utility Holding Co. Act of 1935

PURPA - Federal Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act of 1978

PV - Photovoltaic

PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

PVEA - Petroleum Violation Escrow Account

PVNGS - Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station (Arizona)

PVUSA - Photovoltaics for utility scale applications

PWC - Poor word choice

PWR - Pressurized water reactor

PX - Power Exchange (deceased)

PY - Person years(s)



Q - Quads

Q&A - Questions and answers

QA/QC - Quality Assurance/Quality Control

QF - Qualifying facility

QFs - Qualified Facilities

QFER - Quarterly Fuel & Energy Reports

QFES - Quarterly Fuel & Energy Summary

QFMP - Qualifying Facility Milestone Procedure

QFTP - Qualifying Facility Tracking Project

QSR - Quarterly Status Report




R - Refrigerator, re-dispatch, regulation reliability, retailer, re-regulation, restructuring

RAC - Regional Assistance Committee (emergency planning)

RACM - Reasonably Available Control Method

RACs - Room air conditioners available

RACT - Reasonably Available Control Technology

rad - Radiation absorbed dose

RAF - Reliability Adjustment Factor

RAG - Residential Advisory Group

RAMTP - Resources Agency Management Training Program

RAN - Rainforest Action Network

RAO - Regulatory Analysis Office, E&E, now Siting Office

RARE - Roadless Areas Review and Evaluation

RASS - Residential appliance saturation survey (by PG&E)

RAT - Ram air turbine

RBOP - Rate Base Offset Plan

RBR - Rate base regulation

RBS - Residential Building Standards

RC - Reliability Criteria

- Retail Competition

RCD - Resource Conservation District (soils)

RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCR - Room Cavity Ratio

RCRA - U.S. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RCS - Residential Conservation Service

R&D - Research and development

RD&D - Research Development and Demonstration

RDEIR - Revised draft EIR

RDF - Refuse derived fuel

- Rapid Deployment Force

RDR - Rate design requirement

RDT&E - Research Development Test and Evaluation

RE - Resource Efficiency

REA - Rural Electrification Administration

REACH - Relief for Energy Assistance Through Community Help

RECO - Berkeley's Residential Energy Conservation

REEP - Residential Energy Efficiency Program

RELs - Reference Exposure Levels

RL - Retail Load

Remnet - Revenue Meter Network

REMP - Retrofit and Energy Management Program Office, Conservation Division, CEC

RESOM - Resource Monitoring

RETO - Reasonably Expected To Occur

RETSIE - Renewable Energy Technologies Symposium and Int'l Exposition

RF - Refrigerator Freezer

- Radio frequency

RFC - Request for Certification

- Request for Comment

RFP - Request for proposal

- Reasonable further progress

RFQ - Request for Qualifications

RGO - Residential and Governmental Office, Conservation Division, CEC

RGPO - Residential and Government Programs Office, see RGO

RH - Rehearing

RHIP - Rank has its privileges

RHS - Radiologic Health Service, part of DHS

RIA - Regulatory Impact Analysis

RIF - Reduction in force; to RIF = to fire; RIFed = fired

RIM - Rate impact measure (test)

RIQS - Revised Insulation Quality Standards

RI-TVI - radio interference and television interference

RLP - Regulatory lag plan

RM - Reserve Monitor

- Retail Market

RMP - Risk Management Plan

RMPP - Risk Management Prevention Program

- Risk Management Prevention Plan

RMRG - Reliability Must Run Generation

RN - Registered Nurse

RO - Reverse osmosis

ROC - Report of Conversation

- Rules of Conduct

- reactive organic compounds

ROD - Record of Decision

ROG - Reactive organic gas

ROI - Return on investment

ROLG - Run or Lose Generation

ROR - Review of regulations

- Rate of return

ROW - Right of way

RP - Residential Program Branch, Conservation Division, CEC

RPA - Request for Personnel Action

RPM - Revolutions per minute

- Regulatory Project Manager

RQ - Reportable Quantities

RR - Rate reduction

- Railroad

- Revenue Requirement

- Renewable Resource

R&R - Rest and Relaxation

RRB - Revenue Requirements Branch (PUC)

RRMP - Richmond Refinery Modernization Project

RRO - Regional Reliability Organization

RRWG - Regional Relationships Work Group

RS - Retail Sales

RSCDL - Resource Scheduling

RSEC - Regional Solar Energy Center

RSVP - Retired Senior Volunteers Program

RT - Regional Transit (Sacramento bus/rail system)

- Reporter's transcript

- Restructuring Trusts

RTA - Regional Transmission Association

RTG - Regional Transmission Group

RTM - Real-time Market

RTO - Regional Transmission Organization

RTP - Real Time Pricing

RTS - Return to Service

RTU - Remote Terminal Unit

RUBS - Residential Utility Building System

RW - Retail Wheeling

RWQCB - Regional Water Quality Control Board

RYC - Returned/returning your call



S - seller



S. - U.S. Senate Bill

SA - Scheduling Applications

- Stranded Assets

SACG - Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) SACO

- Special Account for Capital Outlay

SACOG - Sacramento Area Council of Governments

SAFE - State Assistance Fund for Energy (California)


SAFRUA - State Agricultural and Forestry Residue Utilization Act

SAFS – Systems Assessment & Facility Siting (CEC) (formerly Siting Division and part of Assessments Division)

SAI - Systems Applications, Incorporated

SALT - Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

SAM - State Administrative Manual

- Supply Adjustment Mechanism (gas)

- Surface to Air Missile

SAME - Smaller and More Efficient

SANBAG - San Bernardino Association of Governments

SAND - Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD)

SANDAG - San Diego Association of Governments

SANDER - San Diego Energy Recovery Project

San Jose MUNI - San Jose Municipal Water Systems

SAO - Systems Assessment Office, Assessment Division, CEC

SAP - Sampling and Analysis Plan (EPA)

SAPCD - Sacramento County Air Pollution Control District

SARA - Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986

SASE - Self-addressed, stamped envelope

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

- Site Acceptance Test

SAU - State Attorneys Union

SB - Senate Bill

- Stranded benefits

SBA - U.S. Small Business Administration

SBE - State Board of Equalization

- Safety Basis Earthquake

SBSC - State Building Standards Commission

SBWR - South Bay Water Recycling Program

S.C. - Shading coefficient

SC - Scheduling Coordinator

- Special Contracts

- Stranded Costs

- Sunk Cost

- Service Commercial

SCA - Senate Constitutional Amendment

SCA(s) - Solar Collector Assembly(ies)

SCAB - South Coast Air Basin

SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCAG - Southern California Association of Governments

SCAMP - Squaw-Creek Aquatic Monitoring Program

SCAQMD - South Coast Air Quality Management District

SCCOE - Santa Clara County Office of Education

SCE - Southern California Edison

SCFM - Standard Cubic Feet per Minute

SCG - Southern California Gas Company

SCH - State Clearing House

SCM - Simplified calculation method

- suggested control method

SCPI - Shell California Production Inc. (pronounced SKIPPY)

SCPPA - Southern California Public Power Agency

SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction

- Senate Concurrent Resolution

SCRAM - Support Center for Regulatory Air Model

SCTC - Solar Collector Testing and Certification

SCUG - Scheduling Coordinators User Group

SCVWD - Santa Clara Valley Water District

SDG&E - San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

SDHS - State Department of Health Services

SDHW   - Solar domestic hot water

SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)

SDLF - Similar Day Load Forecast

SDO - Scheduled Day Off

SDWA - U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act

SE - Seasonal Efficiency

-System Estimator

SEAOC - Structural Engineering Association of California

S&E - Siting and Environmental Division, CEC (SED)

SECAA - State Energy Conservation Assistance Account

SECC - Safe Energy Communications Council

SECDA - Solar and Energy Conservation Development Authority

SECP - State energy conservation programs (Federal grants)

SED - Siting & Environmental Division CEC (formerly E&E)

- Students for Economic Democracy

SEDAB - South East Desert Air Basin

SEER - Seasonal energy efficiency ratio

SEERA - State Employer-Employees Relations Act

SEGS - Solar Electric Generating Systems (Luz)

SEOO - State Economic Opportunity Office

SEPCO - Sacramento Ethanol and Power Cogeneration Project

SERA - Sierra Energy and Risk Assessment, Inc.

SERC - State Emergency Response Committee

SERCDC - State ERCDC (Energy Commission)

SEREF - Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation

SERI - Solar Energy Research Institute

SES - Signal Environmental Systems

SF - Safety Factor

SFA - Special Facilities Agreement

SFC - Federal Synthetic Fuels Corporation

SFO - Synthetic Fuels Office, Development Div., CEC

- San Francisco Int'l Airport

SG - Self-Generation

SH - Saturday Holiday

SHO - Summary and Hearing Order

SHPO - State Historic Preservation Officer

SHRA - Screening health risk assessment

SI - Site Investigation (EPA)

- Scheduling Infrastructure

- System Integration

SIC - Standard industrial classification

SID - Solano Irrigation District

- Schedule Imbalance Deviation

SIGMA - Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers

SII - Scheduled Interruptible Imports for each SC

SIIG - Strategic Issues Integration Group (CEC)

SIP - State implementation plan (air quality)

SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

SISA - Special in-grade salary adjustment

SIT - State Income Tax

- Siting

SJ - Sharon Jane Matthews

SJI - Steel Joint Institute

SJR - Senate Joint Resolution

SJV(AB)- San Joaquin Valley (Air Basin)

SL - Sick leave

SLAMS - State and Local Air Monitoring Stations

SLAPP - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation

SLC - State Lands Commission

SLD - Straight line depreciation

SLO - Service Legalization Offices

SLT - Sonoma Land Trust

SM - Scheduling Market

- Spot Market

SMA - Santa Maria Aggregate Project

SMACNA - Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association

SMAQMD - Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

SMARA - Surface Mining and Reclamation Act

SMEAP - Simplified Manual Energy Analysis Procedure

SMMA - Soviets Meet Middle America

SMSA - Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SMUD - Sacramento Municipal Utility District

SMUDGEO - SMUD Geothermal

SNAFU - Situation normal, all f-cked up

SNARL - Suggested No Adverse Response Level

- Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory

SNCR - Selective Noncatalytic Reduction

SNG - Synthetic Natural Gas

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

SO - Siting Office, SED, formerly RAO

- Standard Offer (contract)

S02 - Sulfur dioxide

SOx - Oxides of sulfur

SoCAL - Southern Calif. Gas Co.

- Standard Oil of California

SOD - Sustained Orderly Development

SOFAR - South Fork of the American River (proposed dam)

SOL - Solar

SOLFIN - Solar Finance (computer program)

SONET - Synchronous Optical Network

SONGS - San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

SORC - Statement of Review Completion (OAL)

SOUP - Standard Offer Update Proceeding

S.P. - Southern Pacific

SPB - State Personnel Board

SPCC - Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure


SPP - Sierra Pacific Power

- Small power producers SPPE

- Small Power Plant Exemption

SPPO - Special Project and Planning Office, CEC, E&E

SPR(O) - Strategic Petrole (Oil)

SPS - Solar power satellite

- Self-Provided Service

SPVTF - Systems Power Values Task Force

SQL - Software Query Language

SR - Spinning Reserve

- System Reliability

- Supplier Representative

SRC - Solvent refined fuel synthetic crude oil from coal

SRCC - Solar Rating and Certification Corporation

SRI - Stanford Research Institute

SRMC - Short Run Marginal Cost

SROA - State Restriction of Appointment

SRP - Salt River Project

SRS - Secondary Registration System

SS - Stationary sources

- Supply side

SSA - Staff services analyst

- Social Security Account

- Static Security Analysis

SSAAP - Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award Program

SSC - Sealed storage cask

- Senior Staff Counsel

SSDA - Service Station Dealers Association

SSI - Supplemental Security Income

SSJVHP - South San Joaquin Valley Habitat Program

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

SSN - Social Security Number

SSPC - Steel Structures Painting Council

SSS - Selective Service System

SSV - Security/Stability Validation

SSW - Self-Service Wheels

STAA - State Trial Attorneys Association

START - Strategic Arms Reduction Talks

STC - Solar Tax Credit

- State Training Center

STE - Solar thermal electric

STEL - Short-term exposure limit, 15-min. expo

STG - Steam Turbine Generator

STIG - Steam Injected Gas Turbine

SUDA - Solar Utilities Development Authority, now Cal-SECDA

SUNNY MAC - Solar and Energy Conservation Mortgage Corporation

SUNRAE - Solar Use Now for Resources and Employment

SVE - Surprise Valley Electric (Modoc County)

SW - Southwest

SWEPI - Shell Western Energy Production, Inc.

SWMB - California Solid Waste Management Board

SWMP - Solid Waste Management Plan

SWP - State Water Project (DWR)

- Socialist Workers Party

SWPL - Southwest Powerlink

SWRCB - State Water Resources Control Board

SWRTA - Southwest Regional Transmission Association



T - tariff

- Taking

TAA - Transmission Assessment Applications

TAC - Toxic Air Contaminant

- Technical Advisory Committee

- Trust Advisory Committee

TAG - Technical Advisory Group (NRBS)

TAM - Technology Assessment Manual

TANC - Transmission Agency of Northern California

TAO - Technology Assessments Projects Office, AD, CEC

TAP - Toxic Air Pollutant

TAPPI - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry

TAPS - Trans Alaskan Pipeline Systems

TBACT - Toxics-Best Available Control Technology

TBtu - Trillion Btu

TC - Telecommute

- Transmission Congestion

- Transmission Costs

TCAC - Tax Change Adjustment Clause

TCCP - Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedures

TCF - Trillion Cubic Feet

TCLO - Lowest published toxic concentration

TCM - Transportation Control Measure

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

TCR - Tax credit regulations

TCU - Transportation, Communications, utility

TCWP - Texaco Cool Water Project

T&D - Training and Development

- Transmission and Distribution

TDD - Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

TDS - Total dissolved solids (water quality)

TDU - Transmission Dependent Utility

TEC - Travel expense claim

TED - Transportation Energy Division (CEC)

- Turtle Excluder Device

TEF - Toxic Equivalency Factor

TELACU - The East Los Angeles Community Union

TEMA - Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association

TEOR - Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery

TEP - Tucson Electric Power

TEPR - Temporary Emergency Production Rate

TES - Thermal Energy Storage

TETAP - Transportation Energy Technologies Advancement Program

T/G - Turbine Generator

TGIF - Thank God It's Friday

THI - Temperature & Humidity Measure

THUMS - Texaco, Humboldt, Union, Mobil and Standard Oil Companies

TI - Traffic index

TID - Turlock Irrigation District

- Technical Information Document

TIP - Telephone Information Processing

TIPSE - California Testing and Inspection Program for Solar Equipment

TJ - Tijuana, Mexico

TL - Transmission line or lines

TLEV - Transitional Low Emission Vehicle

T-Line - Transmission line

TLC - Tender Loving Care

TLCT - Total Life Cycle Test

TLV - Threshold Limit Value

TM - Thermally Matched

- Transcendental Meditation

TMI - Three Mile Island

TNC - The Nature Conservancy

TOD - Time-of-day

TOG - Total Organic Gases

TOSCA - Toxic Substances Control Act

TOSCO - The Oil Shale Company

TOU - Time of use

- Transmission Owning Utility

TPD - Tons per day

TP&D - Transportation Planning & Development (account)

TPF - Third party financing

TPY - Tons per year

TRAC - Toxics Responsibility Advisory Committee

TRC - Total Resource Cost

TRDS - Transmission Rate Design Study

TRI - Toxic Release Inventory

TRPA - Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

TSCA - Federal Toxic Substances Control Act

TSD – Technology Systems Division (CEC) (formerly Development Div.)

TSM - Transportation System Management

TSO - Time sharing option (for computer)

TSP - Total suspended particulate matter

TTBT - Threshold Test Ban Treaty

TTFN - Ta-ta for now

TTFO - Transportation Technology and Fuels Office (CEC)

TURN - Toward Utility Rate Normalization

TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority

TWA - Toxic waste assessment

- Trans World Airlines

- Time weighted avarage

TW3 - That Was The Week That Was

TY - Test year



UARP - Upper American River Project

UAW - United Auto Workers

UBC - Uniform Building Code

UC - University of California

UCC - Uniform Commercial Code

UCS - Union of Concerned Scientists

UCSF - University of California San Francisco (Medical Center)

UDAG - Urban Development Action Grant (HUD)

UDC - Utility Displacement Credits

UDF - Utility Displacement Factor

UDWR - Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

UEC - Unit Energy Consumption

UEG - Utility Electric Generator

UF - Urea formaldehyde

UFFI - Urea formaldehyde foam insulation

UFO - Unidentified flying object

UFW - United Farm Workers

UGSPPF - Utility-owned geothermal small power production facility

UIC - Underground injection control

UII - Utah International, Inc.

UK - United Kingdom (Great Britain or England)

UKAEA - United Kingdom Atomic Energy Association

UL - Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

ULEV - Ultra Low Emission Vehicle

UMTA - Urban Mass Transit Administration, DOT

UMW - United Mine Workers

UN - United Nations

UNEP - United Nations Environment Program

UOC - Utility offset credit

UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code

UP&L(UPL) - Utah Power and Light

URP - Utility resource plan

USACE - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

USBR - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation recently was WPRS

USC(A) - United States Code (Annotated)

USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture

USDI - U.S. Department of the Interior

USDW - Underground source of drinking water

USEC - Uniform Solar Energy Code

USEPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

USFS - U.S. Forest Service (USDA)

USFWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS - U.S. Geological Survey

USLE - Universal Soil Loss Equation

USNRC - U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

USPHS - U.S. Public Health Services

USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (deceased)

UST - Underground Storage Tank

UTBT - Under the Big Top (former CEC Staff Newsletter)

UV - Ultraviolet

UXB - Unexploded bomb



V - Vacation

VA - U.S. Veterans Administration

VAT - Value added tax

VC - Vacation

- Vehicle Code

- Viet Cong

VCAPCD - Ventura County Air Pollution Control District

VDT - Video Display Terminal

VE - Victory in Europe (World War II)

VFV - Variable Fuel Vehicle

VHO - very hight output (lamp)

VISTA - Volunteers In Service To America

VJ - Victory over Japan (World War II)

VLR - Voluntary load reduction

VMT - Vehicle Miles Traveled

VOC - Volatile organic compounds

VP - Vice president

VPO - Variable Pressure Operation

VRM - Visual resource management

VVAC - Volume variation adjustment clause



W - Watt

WAA - Warren-Alquist Act

WACOG - Weighted Average Cost of Gas

WAPA - U.S. Western Area Power Administration (DOE)

WCED - World Commission on Environment and Development (UN)

WDEIR - Working draft EIR

WDR - Waste discharge requirements (water quality)

WED - Wind Energy Demonstration

WEPP - Water-Energy Pilot Project (desalination)

WESTPO - Western State Governors Policy Office

WET - Waste extraction test

WFCP - Weatherization Financing and Credits Program (So Cal Gas)

WH - Water Heater

WHO - World Health Organization

WIEB - Western Interstate Energy Board (utility assoc.)

WIPP - Waste Isolation Pilot Project (New Mexico military LLW dump)

WOGA - Western Oil and Gas Association

W0W - War on waste

Wp - Peak Watt

WPC - Word Processing Center (CEC)

WPPSS - Washington Public Power Supply System (deceased nuclear plants)

WPRDS - Wholesale Power Rate Design

WPRS - Water & Power Resources Service (DOI) now USBR again

- Wind Performance Reporting System

WRCB - (California) Water Resources Control Board

WRI - Water Related Industry

WSA - Wilderness Study Area

WSCC - Western Systems Coordinating Council

WSPP - Western States Power Pool

W&SR - Wild and Scenic Rivers

WSUN - Western Sun (Solar Utilization Network) (deceased)

WTE - Waste to Energy

WTG - Wind turbine generator

WVES - Warner Valley Energy System (AWVES)

WWP - Washington Water Power Company



YAP - Berkeley Young Adult Project

YEI - Youth for Energy Independence



ZIP - Weatherization zero interest plan

ZPG - Zero Population Growth